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It’s really cold on Mars. It’s more distant from the Sun (50% more than the Earth) and this is why it gets much cooler there in comparison to the Earth.

Average mars temperature:     – 55º C (-67º F)

Summer temperature at the equator can reach: +20º C (+68º F), and -153º C (-243ºF) on the poles.

Winter temperature: -125º C (-195º F)

The highest temperature of the soil on Mars, estimated by the Viking Orbiter was arond 27 ⁰C (81 ⁰F). The maximum recorded air temperature on the planet was recorded by The Spirit rover, it was about 35 ⁰C (95 ⁰F). The rover regularly recorded temperatures from above 0 ⁰C (32 ⁰F), except during the winter.

To read some more infrmation about the climate on MArs, you can see:

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