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Here I will give an answer to the question: ‘What has been the fastest man made object so far?’. No matter the high level of technology today, the highest speed achieve by an object made by humans is far from the one that could allow us to travel around space, without getting too old before leaving our Solar System. In fact, the fastest object made by us was launched 37 years ago and its record has still remained untouched. So the technological jump for this period has not resulted any achievements in that sphere. However, let’s go straight to the matter:

The fastest man made object in the universe is the Helios 2 Solar Probe. It was launched in space on 15th of January, 1976 and reached a maximum speed of 252,792 km/h, or 157,078 mi/h. This is equal to 70.22 km/s, or 43.63 mi/s. This speed is still 0.000234c ( ‘c’ is the speed of light).

It will take a spacecraft travelling at this speed around 2 years to reach Pluto, when the planet is at its closest point to The Sun. If we wanted to leave the Solar System at this speed, it would take us more than 63 years to do this. So travelling at 252 972 km/h is nothing so far, we will be grannies and grandpas, before we even escape the gravity of the Sun.

This file is in the public domain because it was solely created by NASA

This file is in the public domain because it was solely created by NASA

We have still a lot to go, before reaching speed at which we can go to another galaxy. Still we can not see light at the end of the tunnel regarding this matter.

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