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There are many different theories and sayings about black hloles. However, there is one thing for sure – there is nothing sure about them. They are one of the most unexplored subjects in space, because of the fact that nothing… Continue reading

Here is a cool movie explaining what space actually is. This is a very cool movie giving you an interesting look at the Universe as a whole. I think you will like it, here you are:

It’s really cold on Mars. It’s more distant from the Sun (50% more than the Earth) and this is why it gets much cooler there in comparison to the Earth.

Average mars temperature:     – 55º C (-67º… Continue reading

Hi all! This is my first post here and I just wanted to say hello to all of the readers of this site. I’ve had great interest in space and The Universe as a whole since I was 10. This… Continue reading

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