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Space Facts

Venus is located right after Mercury making it the second planet in the Solar System close to the Sun. Its name derives from the ancient Roman diva of affection and loveliness. Some scientists say that Venus is like a twin… Continue reading

The Structure Of Our Sun

Solar Eclipse Facts

Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun. This event is also called occultation. There are currently 3 variations of the Solar Eclipse – partial, ring-shaped and full.… Continue reading

Mercury is a planet in the Solar System which is located closer to the Sun than any other. Due to this closeness to the Sun, Mercury can only be seen from Earth when it’s twilight.

A year on Mercury lasts… Continue reading

Some Interesting Jupiter Facts

Jupiter is located after Mars becoming the fifth planet closest to the Sun.

The temperature on the surface of Jupiter is around -108°C, making it an impossible for a human creature to live on it.

The… Continue reading

Mars Facts

Mars is located right after Earth making it the fourth planet closest to the Sun. The planet’s name derives from an ancient Roman god of war.

The gravity on Mars is 3 times lower than Earth’s meaning that… Continue reading

* Earth is located third from the Sun after Mercury and Venus. Our planet is the only one in the Solar System with living creatures on it.

* The speed of Earth is constantly slowing down with every moment passed… Continue reading

Here I will give an answer to the question: ‘What has been the fastest man made object so far?’. No matter the high level of technology today, the highest speed achieve by an object made by humans is far from… Continue reading

It’s really cold on Mars. It’s more distant from the Sun (50% more than the Earth) and this is why it gets much cooler there in comparison to the Earth.

Average mars temperature:     – 55º C (-67º… Continue reading

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