Interesting and cool facts, movies, theories, pictures, and news about space, the Universe and our Solar system.


Some of the most interesting space movies ever. Here you can watch many clips about space, too.

Nobody has seen them directly, but everybody knows they exist. Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects in the universe. Some of them has reached enormous masses – billions times the mass of our Sun. They have incredible… Continue reading

This is a cool video explaining the basics of our Solar System. The good thing about it is that the emphasis is not put on the graphics, but on the information in the movie. Its idea is to teach you… Continue reading

There are many different theories and sayings about black hloles. However, there is one thing for sure – there is nothing sure about them. They are one of the most unexplored subjects in space, because of the fact that nothing… Continue reading

Here is a cool movie explaining what space actually is. This is a very cool movie giving you an interesting look at the Universe as a whole. I think you will like it, here you are:

mars Mars_Earth_Comparison saturn_from_cassini_orbiter_2004-10-06_high_resolution jupiter_compared-to_the_sun_and_earth

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